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Honey is a naturally sweet substance produced by bees from plant nectar, or from secretions from the live parts of plants, or secretions of plant sap-sucking insects, which bees collect and convert, by blending it with special substances in their bodies. They then remove excess water, as they deposit and store it in the honeycombs of the hives for it to mature.


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Natural and raw honey has been used for literally thousands of years as not only food but also a medicinal product in many different cultures. Its natural properties make it a great addition to any diet, and actually work wonders in our bodies, from a remedy to a cosmetic product. Honey is the product of the work of bees, which gather the pollen from hundreds of flowers and process it over and over inside their own bodies to produce a highly nutritional, highly energetic product that they use to feed themselves.
Even if most honey we consume in industrialized countries is processed, and for that reason loses many of its properties, raw honey is actually a better product for your health and your beauty.
Pine nut
Firstly, pine ‘nuts’ are not actually nuts but are in fact the edible seeds from about 20 different species of pine cones. Technicalities aside, for Ancient Greeks and Romans, pine nuts were believed to be an aphrodisiac. They’ve certainly secured their spot in some of the most loved cuisines in history (pesto pasta anyone?) and the news to really go nuts about, is that these tiny seeds are bursting with health benefits too.
Why honey mixed with nuts?
Using honey with nuts is very healthy . It is enough to take one tablespoon per day. Nuts have a lot of microelements that perfect match with honey
Benefits of pine nut

Weight Management
Even though they are high in fat, eating pine nuts (in moderation!) on a regular basis can assist your weight loss efforts. This is because they contain pinolenic acid, which recent research has found to be an effective appetite suppressant.
Great Vegan Source of Iron
Pine nuts are packed with 3 mg of iron per one ounce serving and are often overlooked as a suitable source of iron for vegans or vegetarians (or anyone for that matter!). Iron is a key component of hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying pigment in blood that supplies energy to the body. The copper they contain also helps the body to absorb more of the iron.
Boost Energy
Pine nuts contain nutrients that can help to boost your energy levels such as protein, iron, and magnesium. They’re a great snack to have in the car to nibble on in between meals!

Pine nut may help eye health
Pine nuts contain the antioxidant lutein. An intake of dietary lutein can significantly help with the prevention of eye diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Pine nuts also contain vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene, another important eye vitamin.

And as for their supposed aphrodisiac qualities? This is likely due to the fact that they are high in zinc, a mineral essential to healthy fertility in both males and females. The famed Arabian medical scholar, Galen, recommended eating one hundred (to be precise) pine nuts before going to bed. Hey, any excuse for that extra dollop of pesto at dinner…

Pine nut and honey
The next time you go to the home you may prepare yourself crunching on this super food while you indulge in an ice cold beer or a glass of wine. Despite their name, pine nuts are not nuts, but actual edible, nutrient-dense seeds that can replenish, revitalize, and rejuvenate the body. Whether you’re on a diet, want to reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, or simply want to add a crunchy texture to your meals, enjoying a handful of these seeds per day may increase your longevity in six healthy ways.
Honey is best sweetener for pine nuts, enjoy!


  1. John

    This product is really great, tasty and very healthy. I eat every day when I wake up. Thanks Lacroi!!!!

  2. Ivan

    absolutely amazing honey, haven’t tasted such flavor for a long time. It reminds me of the honey I used to eat back in the 80’s when all of the food just had better taste and flavor. Highly recommended.

  3. Alejandra

    I like the sweet, nutty taste

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